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Introducing Oud Woody Ayurvedic Soap - Immerse yourself in the woody elegance of Oud with our exceptional soap. Discover the remarkable benefits of Oud soap and unravel the intriguing origin of this unique ingredient.

Benefits of Oud Woody Ayurvedic Soap:

  1. Distinctive Fragrance: Our soap is infused with the distinctive woody aroma of Oud, derived from the resinous heartwood of the Aquilaria tree. Experience a captivating scent that combines earthy notes with a touch of smokiness, creating a sense of grounded luxury.

  2. Deep Hydration: Formulated with nourishing ingredients, our Ayurvedic soap deeply hydrates and moisturizes your skin. It helps to replenish moisture, leaving your skin feeling soft, smooth, and revitalized.

  3. Anti-inflammatory Properties: Oud possesses natural anti-inflammatory properties, which can help soothe and calm irritated skin. It may aid in reducing redness and promoting a balanced complexion.

  4. Uplifting Experience: The enchanting scent of Oud has the potential to uplift your mood and evoke a sense of tranquility. Transform your bathing routine into a sensory escape and experience a moment of serenity.

The Origin of Oud:

Oud, also known as Agarwood, has a captivating origin rooted in various parts of Asia. It is formed when the Aquilaria tree undergoes a transformative process due to certain environmental conditions, such as fungal infection or physical damage. As a defense mechanism, the tree produces a resinous substance that gradually accumulates within the heartwood, resulting in the formation of precious Oud. This intricate and natural process contributes to the rarity and uniqueness of Oud as an aromatic treasure.

Elevate your bathing ritual with Oud Woody Ayurvedic Soap and embrace the benefits of this extraordinary ingredient. Immerse yourself in the woody allure of Oud and experience a sense of grounded luxury with each use.

Wet skin and lather soap. Apply to your face or body and leave on for 10-30 seconds to allow the soap to penetrate.

Rinse skin thoroughly and pat dry. For acne spot treatment, apply lathered soap to the affected area and leave on for 10-30 seconds for up to 2 times daily.

Each bar contain essential oils from resin bark of agarwoodoudh (Aquillariaferox) 1.5% and oil from amber pine tree (Pinusroxburghii) 1.5% Saponified Olive oil Saponified Coconut oil, Sweet Almond oil,Sodium stearate , Sodium'lauryl Sarcoinate,Veg Glycerine,Proplene Glyol, Sorbitol,Distilled Water, Decyl, Glucoside,Sodium Chloride, Natural pigment colour , Stearic acid, Oleic acid and Coca mido propyl betaine Coconut esters

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