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Return & Refund Policy

How can I track my order?
Your products will be delivered through high-quality courier services. After we have dispatched your parcel, you will receive an automated email stating a track & trace number so you can easily follow the whereabouts of your parcel.


What is your return policy for Soaps?

Since these are Hygiene Products, Soaps are Eligible for Return Only if the package is broken. 

How much will I be charged in duties and taxes for my order?

If your order is shipping outside of India, you are responsible for paying all duties and taxes incurred, and for providing your country’s customs agency with any required paperwork. Osia is unable to assist you with the process. We can, however, provide you with any receipts that may be required to help get your order through customs.
Osia is unable to provide you with the exact amount of duties owing as this amount can change at any time without notice. If you would like to know an estimate of duties owing, please reach out to your local government customs agency and they will be able to advise you on the duties and taxes you will be charged importing goods from India.


Please contact our Customer Experience team if you have any further questions.


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