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Osia Osia presents itself as a wellness brand offering Bath and body products – Luxury Herbal Soaps.

We offer products that deliver old-world wisdom of ancient wellness practices; and nature inspired beauty remedies – from the likes of Kumkumadi oil, Saffron, Sea buckthorn berries, Bamboo Charcoal, Jasmine, Rose, Walnut, Neem , Tulsi , Parsley , Peppermint, kale, shia butter, turmeric, seaweed, blueberry, coconut oil, and probiotics – that are making it into our skincare lines as we seek news ways to benefit from their antioxidants, vitamins and minerals.

Osia Osia’s handmade soaps are made with Ayurvedic methods and use cold pressed pure oils, essential oils, floral extracts and distillations. This range can be used by both men and women and suit all types. Apart from a fragrant bathing experience, they also have rejuvenating and reviving properties and are suited to all skin types.

Maintaining a natural glow and the proper balance of your skin is a quest in which natural bath and body cleansers play an important role. The benefits of the handmade natural soaps such as gentle foaming, providing essential hydration and care without over-drying make them essential for your daily bath. For a refreshing bath that is good for you, your skin and your sense of inner harmony, look no further than this wonderful range by Osia Osia.

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