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Osia Osia

Musk Amber Flora Collection

Musk Amber Flora Collection

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Amber musk blends sensual florals, distinctive amber, and creamy musk which are blended to give a soft, musky overtone. With main constituents as musk flower essential oil and pure sandalwood essential oil, the musk amber has a sweet, earthy musk note that also makes it a very popular aphrodisiac. Musk Amber Soap provides peace of mind and body.It relieves fatigue.

It opens the pores, allows the skin to breathe and resolves blackhead and acne problem.

It helps equalizes the skin tone and provides renewal and repair of cells.It is extremely effective in removing dead skin from the body.

These Soaps are Made From Ayurvedic Formula.

After Using Osia Osia Ayurvedic Soaps, The Beautiful Miniature paintings can be used in a  photo frame which is a reverential way to pay homage to deities, as it adds a touch of elegance and beauty to the sacred space.

*Frame in the Picture is just for reference, it is not included with the Soaps.

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