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Lemon Lime

Lemon Lime

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Osia Osia Organic Lemon Soap which you can use daily to have a healthy glowing skin. The presence of lemon oil in the soap makes it a great cleanser for your skin, as it effectively removes excess oil and dirt. Having natural bleach like properties, the extracts from lemon can also remove unwanted pigmentation from your skin without harming its texture. 

    • Lemon is a powerful cleaning agent. The acid in lemons is antibacterial as well as antiseptic, resulting in a stronger, longer-lasting and sanitising clean. This in turn ensures the creation of a healthier environment.
    • Lemon has purifying properties which clear the air, resulting in a clean and fresh environment. Lemon not only cleans through direct application, but it also seemingly has a positive effect on eradicating pollutants in the air.
    • The lemon scent is a mood enhancer.The reuse of the product ensures a repeated feeling of well-being. Studies show that the lemon scent counters negative emotions such as anger and frustration. It is also a powerful combatant against anxiety and emotional exhaustion.

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